The WRA Park

Minnetrista, Minnesota

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Photo Gallery: 

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The Park's meeting room:

Meeting facilities are available at the Park. The 2nd floor of the main building features pleasant views of the surrounding rural countryside from its large 8 foot deck. Call us for rental information. Why not get married at the Park?

Waters Crooked

Minnetrista (the Parks home) was settled in 1854, and organized in 1859. It was at first named German Home but took its present name by vote of the settlers at the date of organization. Minne means waters and trista means crooked. The settlers choice reflected the local crooked lakes. Whaletail Lake is one example.

Panorama view of the Park, Western side. 

Panorama view of the Park, NorthEastern side.
These pictures show you almost the whole park. They were taken in June of 2006. You should expand them completly by waving your mouse over their lower right and clicking on the box that appears.