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   Minnetrista, Minnesota                        

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Our Officers:
President: Jim Byers
Vice President: Mike Giinthir
Secretary: Pat Gorman
 Treasurer: David Greenslit

  • Our Board Members:
  • Bill Christopulos, Larry Kolden, Jerry Tasa, Noah Waterhouse, and Craig Wolfe
  • Officers and Board Members are appointed or elected from the following organizations:

    City of Minnetrista, City of Mound, City of Saint Bonifacius, Lake Minnetonka Chamber, Mohawk Jaycees (3), Mound Legion, Mound VFW, Northwest Tonka Lions (3), Westonka Adult Softball League, Westonka Baseball Teams, Westonka Rotary, and Members at Large (2)

The Deck

Our main concession stand is eight sided. The Park’s volunteers built most of it. Perhaps it’s best feature is it’s surrounding eight foot deck where one can walk around and watch all four games being played, or just enjoy the scenery. 

Building just the supporting structure of the deck was a five Saturday project. It is attached to the building and held up with fifteen 6 X 6 timbers. There should be sixteen but there is a specially engineered arch-like section that allows access to the stand’s garage. Each 6 X 6 had to be lifted, leveled, marked, cut, and then lifted and leveled again, then nailed.

As the eight rectangular sections slowly crept around the building, Rod Biehl and one or two of his sons filled the gaps between the sections. When you build a deck straight out from the walls as was done, you can’t build out from the corners of the building. Click on the picture to see a diamond shaped section. Building these diamond sections required someone with Rod's skill.

A typical Saturday of this five week mission included a nice lunch from a certain grill man. Some running to the hardware store, some hunting around for nails, brackets, or tools, and a fair amount of advice being offered to novice carpenters.

The Rod Biehl Volunteer Recognition Award is presented each year to an outstanding volunteer.

Past Award winners are:

1999 Ken Linquist
2000 Mark Semeja
2001 Leon Greenslit
2002 Craig Wolfe
2003 David Nelson
2004 Dean Kolden & John Moonen
2005 David Greenslit, Greg Petrich & Jerry Tasa 
2006 Skip Johnson & John Wilsey
2007 Mike Giinthir
2008 Ron Chase

The Fences

The Park Volunteers built the outfield fences for the Jaycee's and Lion's fields. This involved cutting pipe, hand winches, surveying equipment, levels, weaving fence, cement mixers, power tools, wire cutters, a few new ruts and a fair amount of head scratching. The fences are 8 feet tall and 280 feet from their home plates.

  • Craig Wolfe and Greg Petrich complete the installation of the flag pole. Thanks to Edgewater Apartments and Rocket Crane for their donations.

The Westonka Recreationa Association Park is a tax-exempt non-profit recogized by the IRS. Contributions to the Park are deductible for income tax purposes.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Westonka Recreational Assocation Park
P.O.Box 395
Mound, MN 55364

Thank you.

Rod Biehl

One of our Ospreys
June 2006