The WRA Park

Minnetrista, Minnesota

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The Baseball Concession Stand. It is near the entrance to the Park. 4/23/06

  • How to get to the Park:
  • Go to Google Maps
  • Search: Westonka Recreational Park 
  •                     Our address is: 7201 County Road 110 West, Minnetrista, Minnesota 55364
Please help the Park and its users by following these rules:

Park rules:

1. No animals in the softball complex, except for service dogs.
2. Unsportsmanlike conduct by players and spectators is not allowed.
3. No outside beverages or food is permitted.
4. No beer is allowed on players benches.
5. Spectators are not allowed on players benches.
6. No swinging of bats outside the fenced in field areas.
7. No children allowed on playing fields during or between games.
8. No throwing around balls except on the playing field.
9. There is a 5 mph speed limit in the park. Please watch for children.
10. Managers will be held responsible for their players actions.
11. A.S.A. / M.S.F. rules will be enforced in league and tournament play.
12. The Park is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
13. The Park is not responsible for injuries.

WRA Park's Baseball Field. 4/23/06

  • An Aerial View of the Park

Our street address is:
7201 County Road 110 West
Minnetrista, Minnesota 55364

Our email is:  email 

Our mail address is:
PO Box 395
Mound, MN 55364

Our phone number is:

During the off-season, calls should be made to:

Lori Kolden is our:
Concessions Manager.

Clayton Nelson is our:
Fields Manager.

The Mound Mallards call the Park their home

To contact the Men's Softball League: email

To contact the Co-Ed Softball League: email

This shed was our original concession stand that was used until our main building was finished. It measures about 12 by 8 feet. During the Summer it got so hot that a fan had to be installed, and you can see its cover in the expanded picture. It now serves as a sort of pump house. It is over our first well that provides water for the main concession stand. When the East pond gets too low to water the fields, we pump from this well to fill it back up.

Before our first well was online, we watered the fields using a portable gas powered pump drawing from the pond. Before the irrigation system was complete, we used a portable reel and sprinkler borrowed from the City of Shorewood, that looked a lot like the one pictured here. The reel wound in the sprinkler over a period of about four hours and watered half of one outfield.

You should be able to see an active Osprey Nest this year at the Park as our pair has returned. It is just South of the main building. If you are lucky, you can see them bringing fish back to their nest, where it is assumed they will be feeding their young.

"Three Rivers Park District naturalists are currently monitoring 44 osprey nests throughout the metro area. Thirty-three of the birds are either original birds released during the 12-year reintroduction program, or their offspring. Naturalists band the chicks when they are 5-5 ½ weeks old. The chicks begin to fly around the eighth week." - For more of the story from Three Rivers Park District, click on the Osprey above.